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"Interview with T.C. Fry"

© 1999 by Norhm Lee, Ph.D.

vegpaint.jpg - 13349 Bytes("Interview with T.C. Fry" - September 18, 1999 through September 30, 1999, in Ikeja, Lagos [Nigeria], West Africa, some three years, three weeks after T. C. Fry's untimely death on September 6, 1996 of suspicious origins. This 'Interview' is an expose, in TC's own words, as published in the forthcoming book, The Nature and Purpose of Disease, by Henry L. N. Anderson, Ed.D., and T.C. Fry, D.Sc. Reprinted by Organic Wellness Crusade under an exclusive arrangement with the author, that the public might 'experience this interaction.' If you wish forward, download and/or copy this copyrighted "Interview with T.C. Fry," OWC thanks you for ANY FINANCIAL support. Please send your donation to Organic Wellness Crusade [OWC], P. O. Box 45227, Los Angeles, CA 90045. OWC urges your sharing this most provocative 'Interview' as we enter the new Millennium!).

Anderson: Mr. Fry, before beginning this 'Interview,' I would like to state some facts about you. One, you really are Dr. T. C. Fry, having been awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree from City University Los Angeles. Two, you wrote, among other publications, the book, The Great AIDS Hoax (Life Science Institute, 1989, ISBN#1-55830-005-8). Three, you became a disciple of Dr. Herbert M. Shelton around 1970. Four, you wrote and published other books, Natural Hygiene courses of study, newsletters, magazines, articles and portions of books authored by others. Five, your "Life Science course of study" was adopted by and is currently being used as a required part of the curriculum of a medical school in France. Six, you changed many lives by your admonition people should not poison themselves, that "Only three substances should ever enter the human body! These are, obviously, good air, pure water and foods to which we are biologically adapted." [Hoax, p. 48, Item #23] Seven, you were the acknowledged mentor to Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, co-authors of the best seller, Fit for Life. Eight, you wrote the Foreword to this Volume and made other written and verbal contributions to this book. Nine, and finally, you died on Friday, September 6, 1996, some time after returning to the U.S. with a friend from "an ozone treatment facility in the Dominican Republic run by a German," where your friend 'experimented' by taking one treatment while you "took about ten altogether."

Now, some three years and three weeks after your death I conduct this 'Interview' so that our readers-some of them new-can get to know you better and, perhaps, find answers to their own questions. Your responses will not only be re-printed just as your words are published, but on each occasion, your particular reference will be cited so that anyone may review your fuller statements and/or verify your points of view. Let me begin, then, with this observation and question: Most of us do not have access to electronic and print media; we can't even protect our children from the army of marketing people who lure them into their 'disease nets' with candy displays, fast food playlands, special birthday parties, and so-called "protective vaccinations." What can parents do?

T. C. Fry: Some tragic and starling revelations are surfacing about a new vaccine the drug establishment is pushing. The vaccine, called Hib for Hoemophilus influenza type b, is administered to "prevent meningitis." Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes that cover the spine and brain. Irritating toxic substances occasions inflammation. In response the body creates a fever to intensify efforts to deal with these substances which are usually ingested and absorbed from the intestinal tract. When these permeate certain tissues, the body undertakes defensive reactions, such as fevers, to facilitate and accelerate their elimination. Meningitis is said to kill about one thousand children annually in the U.S.A. A large controversy is brewing about the use of this newly introduced vaccine. In certain states, Minnesota being the main one, more children are developing meningitis and dying of the vaccine than were affected before its introduction! [Hoax, p. 135]

Anderson: You seem to be suggesting that parents are, somehow, 'led' into believing what is not true, and are, therefore, taken advantage of by-whom?

T. C. Fry: Let us review the hoaxes frequently foisted upon our people. In the late 1940s a new disease was foisted upon the American people. It was called polio. Several then-current diseases were renamed as polio. Among them were infantile paralysis, viral meningitis and aseptic meningitis. A hysteria and panic was created amongst our populace as was done in the case of what is called AIDS, and also a lumping together of several diseases, some of which have been in medical literature for well over one hundred years. After the panic was built into a furor and an orchestrated hysterical demand for a vaccine that would prevent the problem, lo and behold, along comes Dr. Salk who developed a vaccine that would wipe out polio. And it did! Simultaneous to the introduction of the vaccine the Centers for Disease Control introduced new diagnostic guidelines that relegated what would have been polio diagnoses back to the meningitis of pre-polio days. Only infantile paralysis remained as polio. However, Dr. Salk's vaccine was quickly dropped, for it caused up to ten times the "polio" in those receiving the shots than was occurring in the unvaccinated. While Dr. Salk remained a hero despite the disastrous failure, the Sabine oral vaccine was quietly substituted in its stead. [Hoax, pp. 135-136]

Anderson: What could possibly be the motivation for so dastardly a deed?

T. C. Fry: The object of this commercial game is to market drugs, vaccines or whatever by creating a panic or hysteria around a "new" disease and then getting the populace to buy this drug forever after lest they contract the disease. As you can see the restitution of the diseases' original names effectively "wipes them out." [Hoax, p. 136]

Anderson: You are saying, in effect, that parents cannot trust what they are being told. Is that what you would say to parents?

T. C. Fry: It is doubtful if even one thousand children per year were dying of meningitis. They, like so-called AIDS victims, are drugged and dosed with highly toxic drugs when they become sick. That these drugs do kill is self-evident for, when physicians go on strike, death rates plummet by up to 60%! Our message is: Do not get caught up in these commercial voodoo games. They are deadly as well as costly. Healthful living always produces health. Vaccines and drugs are always disease producing and deadly. When your child becomes ill, a little fasting and a nontoxic diet of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds will restore high-level health. There is no need for your child to suffer or die at the hands of a voodoo commercial monster with a voracious appetite for your dollars. [The Great AIDS Hoax, pp. 135-136]

Anderson: People tend to 'know' wellness principles but do not implement those principles into their lifestyles, thereby preventing degenerative diseases from occurring in the first place. Why should people like you, Harvey Diamond, Dr. Ralph Cinque, Dr. Virginia Vetrano (M.D.), Prof. T. Colin Campbell, still others and me concern ourselves by all our pontificating about 'rules of wellness?'

T. C. Fry: …Most people die in their ignorance, refusing to do better even if they know better. What do you think of a heavy smoker who after an operation for throat cancer, had a special device attached through an opening in his throat so he could continue his deadly addiction? [Helping Hand: A Guide to Healthy Living, pp. 120-121, #85].

Wellness begets long life. The mode of living that begets wellness also immensely enhances the quality of life. The shorter the life span as a rule, the more miserable it is. People who neglect health live lives with more suffering and illness. Hence, their lack of care gives rise to perpetual discomforts and ailments. More than 50 percent of Americans suffer from chronic ailments either because "they don't care" or because they don't know enough to care. [HH, p. 120, #84]

Anderson: Since we know for sure that wrong lifestyle behaviors lead to the so-called 'health problems' people experience later in life, how can people be motivated to pursue behaviors that will protect them from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, and the symptoms lumped into the category of so-called AIDS?

T. C. Fry: Would you believe that perfect, sickness-free health is natural and normal? That disease and suffering are abnormal, unnatural and unnecessary? That bounding vigor and robust fitness are easy and certain? That… Just as an airplane will fly millions of miles without mishap when it is properly cared for, so too, will your body last for at least 150 happy, rewarding years without sickness or suffering if its needs are likewise always properly met? Would you believe that you can overcome, once and for all time your illnesses and ailments? That, whether it be indigestion, mucus expectoration, colds, flu bouts, headaches, backaches or even such "incurable" problems as acne, allergy, arthritis, asthma, tinnitus, tumors, or whatever, this system enables you to overcome all by simply discontinuing and removing easily-recognized causes, and establishing conditions that rebuild and maintain health? Would you believe that there is a 100% effective health system? …I know this seems far out within the context of today's thinking and experiences. Ailments and illnesses, and discomforts and suffering are commonplace. But I want to assure you of one thing: You don't have to believe this! A totally effective health system is with us! It's called Natural Hygiene. [HH, pp.1-2]

Anderson: People are stampeded by the notion of 'killer disease' because they do not want to die prematurely. Can people look to "cures" for their salvation?

T. C. Fry: Space permits only a very simple response to this question. The answer is No! There are NO CURES WHATSOEVER FROM ANY SOURCE! An ailing or diseased body requires healing-physiological correction! All healing is a biological process AND ONLY THE AFFECTED ORGANISM HAS IN IT THE POWER TO HEAL! There are no other healing powers. The capacity to heal is inherent in the organism. Diseases are symptoms of bodily healing crises. They are an evidence of vital action to expel morbid matters and to restore normal function. [Program for Dynamic Health, p. 107]

Anderson: So, you dismiss all claims of "curing" made for all drugs?

T. C. Fry: Drugs furnish no nutrients. They have no intelligence to create new cells and repair damaged tissue. Instead drugs form chemical unions that paralyze nerves and suspend vital action, thus suppressing symptoms of disease. The person thus treated is sicker than before even though appearing and feeling better! Drugs, which have a stimulant action rather than a narcotic action, goad the body into extraordinary eliminative activity but this exhausts an already exhausted body thus resulting in the subject being worse off than before. [PDH, p. 107]

Anderson: Many believe they are kept well and/or or healed by their prescribed drugs. Are you saying they suffer an illusion?

T. C. Fry: All healing that takes place after the administration of drugs (or any other kind of treatment) does so in spite of the drugs, not because of them. Drugs and treatments all rise to glory on the back of the self-healing powers of the body! Under no circumstances can drugs cure anything and there never will be such a drug. All drugs are inherently poisonous and dangerous to the organism. NO DRUG OF ANY KIND should ever be introduced into the human organism. [PDH, p. 108]

Anderson: You know you will be criticized as being too 'radical?'

T. C. Fry: Perhaps this subject has never received more illuminating treatment than that given to it by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton. [Program for Dynamic Health, p.108]

Anderson: Is the public so into 'denial,' or the hypnotic spell of "slight of hand magic" that they continue to believe what defies logic, or are they systematically kept confused by deliberate cartel-orchestrated media mis-information?

T. C. Fry: One of the most vicious and harmful myths cultivated and perpetuated by the medical system is the modern version of visitations by demons and evil spirits. The modern version calls the beasties germs and viruses and terms the visitations contagion. That bacteria and fungi do not cause disease and at worst, secondarily complicate infections is easily demonstrable by medical admission. By use of such words as susceptibility, nonsusceptibility, low resistance and high resistance of disease, causation relegates itself to what constitutes susceptibility. Thusly, germs are opportunistic bystanders as they always were. The mere presence of so-called disease causing germs and the absence of the disease is prima-facie evidence they do not cause disease. And when we suffer disease said to be caused by certain germs, and they are absent, this is more confirmation germs do not cause disease. [HH, p. 111, #57]

Anderson: In tropical areas, people believe germs carried by the mosquito cause malaria and other sicknesses; in Western cultures, people believe that 'cold germs' are responsible for 'spreading the common cold.' What do you say?

T. C. Fry: Diseases other than degenerative ones such as cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, et cetera, are body conducted emergency crises of detoxification and healing. Germs, thusly, have nothing to do with it. Thus, disease is not an entiative existence, which can be spread. Insects spread filth, toxic substances and parasites, not diseases. That humans manifest similar diseases merely confirms a self-evident observation that thoroughly discredits the myth of contagion. [HH, pp. 111-112, #57]

Anderson: I believe people have a God-given right to 'commit suicide'--by smoking, by drinking, by taking drugs, by consuming desserts, animal carcasses, sea creatures, air creatures and other flesh creatures--so long as they make a responsible choice. My question to you, Dr. Fry, is how can people make responsible choices-whether to live or whether to die-if they are denied the "right" to know the truth?

T. C. Fry: Natural Hygiene is a total way of life that is fundamentally in accord with our biological disposition. When we conduct our lives within the purview of modern society as much as possible, diligently respecting our physiological needs, we'll realize far-reaching benefits that seem nothing short of miraculous! Natural Hygiene holds that you're almost totally responsible for your well being! I say 'almost' in respect for our lack of control of environmental poisoning of our air and water. After all, health is built and maintained only by healthful living practices. Healthful living consists of supplying yourself with good air, pure water, comfortable temperatures, a clean body, adequate sleep, sunshine and natural light, rest and relaxation, vigorous activity, play and recreation, foods of your biological adaptation and yet other essentials. No one else can breathe for you, eat for you, sleep for you, exercise for you-in short, only you can live your life! [HH, pp. 1-2]

Anderson: What is the real story about the so-called AIDS epidemic?

T. C. Fry: The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is a distinct part of this monstrous cabal. It is up to its ears in perpetrating the AIDS panic along with the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health and many other government agencies that run interference for the drug establishment. You'll probably never read about what NCI did, nor the results it achieved when it commissioned Dr. Peter Duesberg of the Department of Molecular Biology and Virus Laboratories of the University of California, Berkeley, to make an exhaustive study of the so-called AIDS virus and its effects on humans. [Hoax, p. 58]

Anderson: I can't say that I have. What were the results? What was Dr. Duesberg commissioned to do in the first place?

T. C. Fry: Under grant number CA39915A-01 from NCI, Dr. Duesberg did research on what are called HIV or human immunodeficiency viruses. Dr. Duesberg did just that, but he bit the hand that fed him! Whoever heard of research being made that did not serve the objectives of those funding the research? An old saying has it that he who pays the fiddler calls the tune. Dr. Duesberg made the research and published his findings in a duly scientific manner in a report titled "Retroviruses as Carcinogens and Pathogens: Expectations and Reality." Instead of adding fuel to the fire of the AIDS promotion campaign, Dr. Duesberg's researches removed the props from under the shaky structure of viruses causing any disease at all, much less a degenerative disease called AIDS! So what did NCI do with the fiddler's tune? It relegated the report to the closet, where all bad boys belong. Their duplicity totally ignores the research and continues to proclaim viruses as causative agents in AIDS. [Hoax, p. 59]

Anderson: Are you saying Dr. Duesberg was funded to validate faulty HIV research?

T. C. Fry: Koch's postulates, self-evident propositions, say that if any agency causes a disease, then that agency must always be present during that disease. If it is not present, then that means that it does not cause the disease. On the same order, if an agency causes a disease, then the presence of that agency must always occasion the disease. If the agency is present and the disease does not manifest, then that too means it is not the causative factor in the disease. In his report, Dr. Duesberg noted that over 50% of those suffering from so-called AIDS did not have what are called human immunodeficiency viruses. That disposes of the claim, in itself, that AIDS is caused by a virus. But even more damning is the ballyhooed prospect of about one and a half million Americans getting the disease because they are said to have or have had the virus. If the virus caused the disease, we would have one and a half million sufferers from AIDS! As threats, real or implied, are the raw materials from which panics and hysterias are manufactured, medical apologists have invented the excuse of "dormancy" in order that a fancied Damocles sword or time bomb hangs over those who are said to have or have had the virus. [Hoax, pp.59-60]

Anderson: Who is behind "the AIDS conspiracy" and why deceive the whole world?

T. C. Fry: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is the primary agency responsible for originating, perpetrating and perpetuating one of the most villainous and evil conspiracies ever concocted!

  1. Officials of CDC deliberately and callously introduced in fearful and frightful terms, as a new disease with the acronym AIDS, a collection of immunodeficiency diseases that had long been in the medical literature!
  2. Officials of CDC knew all the time that the pattern of symptoms they elected to introduce as AIDS was drug-caused and had previously been called certain stages of syphilis, Kaposi's syndrome, lymphocytopenia, pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and numerous other diseases. This was the import of numerous statements made by Dr. Harold Jaffe and Dr. James Curran originally together in the Center for Prevention Services, the Sexually Transmitted Diseases division. Now (1988-89) they head a division under the Center for Infectious Diseases dealing specifically with AIDS.
  3. They knew that 100% of the homosexuals suffering from what they elected to call AIDS (Kaposi's sarcoma, lymphocytopenia, "opportunistic infections," pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and late-state syphilis) were on the drugs amyl and/or butyl nitrite. They knew these drugs were classed as immunosuppressant drugs sold out from under regulation as "deodorants." They knew that a member of the pharmaceutical combine, Burroughs-Wellcome, produced these drugs, among others and they knew that other drugs were often involved too.
  4. They knew from the beginning of the conspiracy that the pattern of symptoms they chose to publicize under the catchall acronym AIDS was being called GRID (Gay Related Immunodeficiency Disease) for the purpose of throttling and derailing the gay rights movement. They elected to go with the acronym AIDS, for it had implications that could apply to the general population as well as accomplish objectives of destroying the gay rights movement.
  5. They discontinued mentioning early on that 100% of sufferers of the pattern of symptoms they chose to call AIDS were on recreational drugs or medically administered immunosuppressive drugs such as antibiotics, corticosteroids (prednisone, ACTH), alien blood products, and numerous other immunodestructive drugs. In fact, they did not usually point their fingers at any of the several immunosuppressive drugs the homosexuals were taking except heroin, which was administered intravenously.
  6. They knew that numerous cases of the affection they labeled as AIDS previously existed in the U.S. among the heterosexual white and black communities of drug addicts. But they chose to introduce AIDS in a most horrendous fashion, citing Haitian homosexual heroin addicts, taking care to emphasize the deadly and highly contagious character of this "baffling" new disease. They characterized the disease as having originated in Haiti when they knew better. It originated in CDC!
  7. From the beginning Dr. Jaffe and Dr. Curran knew that no virus was involved in AIDS. They knew it was a drug-caused problem. They knew it was not contagious, being peculiar to those who committed acts of self-depredation with drugs. They knew that the disease they labeled AIDS existed among people with kidney transplants who received immunosuppressive drugs, among those who suffered sexual diseases who had received massive does of antibiotics, and among those who, having tumors, had received X-rays and chemotherapy (all immunosuppressive).
  8. They angled their propaganda from the beginning of the conspiracy to hint that a virus or some single infectious agency caused the disease when they knew it was caused by immunosuppressive drugs and products.
  9. Dr. Robert Gallo purportedly discovered the causative virus when, in fact, the so-called virus he "discovered" as HTLV (human T-cell lymphotropic virus) was really a dusting off of a "virus" he and his colleagues at the National Cancer Institute had introduced in 1980 as HTLV (human T-cell leukemia virus). Yet, with this backdrop, officials at CDC chose to serve their own bureaucratic interest, research interests and, most of all, their pharmaceutical masters in staking out new markets for them. They devised the acronym AIDS knowing that the disease was neither contagious nor transmitted. They did this with malice and evil intentions aforethought! Yes, AIDS is the product of a conspiracy. The evidence and the actions bespeak this and only this. [The Great AIDS Hoax, pp. 192-194]

Anderson: To the Cartel, your pronouncements and book, The Great AIDS Hoax, are 'heresies.' Are you concerned for your well being?

T. C. Fry: In America and many other countries, an all-powerful, multi-trillion-dollar cartel controls about all there is to control that is of significance. In this country that cartel owns and/or controls virtually all the newspapers and magazines, all the TV and radio media, owns the chemical and drug industries, controls our governments, both state and federal, controls the medical/hospital system and, I repeat, about everything else that assumes economic/political importance. Principal always overrides principle. Hence it has been aptly said that might makes right. [Hoax, p. 203]

Anderson: Are you 'admitting' that even in a democratic society, individuals who 'swim up stream,' challenging Establishment positions, are somehow 'expendable?'

T. C. Fry: The system can put anything over on us it wishes! It has the power and the resources to make us believe anything it wants us to believe to better exploit us for its greater power and profit. In the manufactured AIDS panic, all the cartel members coalesced to fool and scare our populace until it was in a frenzy of fear. All this was done so that a few more billion dollars would accrue to the medical/drug/hospital/research/bureaucratic interests. The scam has been successfully pulled off, unlike the swine flu farce, and, indeed, billions of dollars have flowed into the coffers of those interests. In addition, much power and "prestige" has been conferred upon those instrumental in perpetrating and perpetuating such a monstrous hoax. [Hoax, p. 203]

Anderson: We have some great minds in this country, and great institutions-like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, and others. How could such a farce be put over on an entire society-world, actually?

T. C. Fry: The technique employed has been called the Hitlerian Big Life Technique. This technique says: "If you tell a lie big enough, tell it often enough and tell it long enough, people will accept it as gospel truth." We see this as being precisely the case with the deliberate concoction of AIDS from a complex of symptoms called by more than 20 other disease designations. [The Great AIDS Hoax, p. 203]

Anderson: What 'protection' does the public have from such continuing deception, deliberate mis-information, programmed stampede, and financial rip-offs?

T. C. Fry: As to a peril and a plague, why not call sleeping pills a peril and a plague? Twice as many people are dying of them as are dying of so-called AIDS! When you realize that AIDS is, a big farce invented and fostered, firstly, to destroy the gay rights movement and, secondly, to stake out huge new economic reserves for our pharmaceutical and chemical industries, then you begin to perceive the truth. The sleeping pill business is safely in hand. The drug promoters want to develop new business. Of course they are seconded by power-hungry bureaucrats, opportunistic researchers and institutions, and a medical system that stands to benefit greatly…. [Hoax, p. 207]

Anderson: Assuming that what you say is true, what can we do about AIDS now?

T. C. Fry: What must be done about AIDS now? You should inform yourself about the atrocious plot to foist a bunch of old diseases on us under the guise of a new label for the greater financial glory of its beneficiaries. And, of course, do not be taken in by its fears or ensnaring webs. [The Great AIDS Hoax, p.208]

Anderson: I know you became a follower of Dr. Herbert Shelton and a 'Natural Hygienist' in 1970. Do you still believe Natural Hygiene has (all) the answers for optimum wellness, health and quality of life for people in much of the world?

T. C. Fry: In late 1970 when I made my GREAT HEALTH DISCOVERY in the form of DR. HERBERT M. SHELTON'S fine book, SUPERIOR NUTRITION, I was very conformistic in my living practices. At that time eating was not, for me, for the sole function of nourishing the body. Gourmandizing was one of my hobbies! In pursuit of the pleasures of what I now realize was a perverted and depraved taste I ate indiscriminately as long as eating was a "taste delight" and I never stopped to think about the purpose of eating or the consequences that might result. I discovered Dr. Shelton's fine book on a holiday in 1970 among some of the many books I had purchased nearly 16 years earlier…. I read SUPERIOR NUTRITION completely on the day of its discovery. I reread it within a week, marking it liberally where I found its contents to be nothing less than revelations for me. So inspiring and so very obviously true was this book, that from that day to this I have not: · Partaken of meat, fish, eggs, milk or any other animal food. · Used a particle of salt, pepper, spices, mustard, sauces, catsup or any other condiment. · Eaten or partaken of breads, chocolates, candies, ice creams, pastries or any of hundreds of other concoctions that are popular. · Drank of teas, coffees, alcoholics or any other beverage than pure distilled water! · Taken any drugs, shots, pain killers, sleeping pills, aspirins, antacid pills or concoctions, medicines", (sic) or any other injurious substances. · Eaten but very little cooked foods! Subsequently I stopped using soaps (cleansing is a mechanical, not a chemical process!), toothpastes, deodorants, shampoos, shaving creams, skin cleansers, lotions and other cosmetics! [Program for Dynamic Health, pp. 3-4]

Anderson: Over what period of time did you transition from meat eating to the Natural Hygiene way of thinking and eating?

T. C. Fry: I undertook most of these radical changes in my life IN A SINGLE DAY! So heavily did the truths of Dr. Shelton's book weigh upon me! I had always regarded myself as a creature of truth and it was beholden upon me to follow its dictates upon discovery! So astounded was my family by this revolutionary turnabout in my regimen they thought I had gone kooky! [Program for Dynamic Health, p. 4]

Anderson: Perhaps I overstated the last question. What advice do you have for people struggling with 'health issues,' and for parents with children?

T. C. Fry: Most American physicians who practice pediatrics ignorantly prescribe cereals, starchy and other solid foods for infants when they are some two or three months old. Never was a greater dietetic error committed! It is a crime against children to be fed starches before (teething). Babies do not secrete the starch-splitting enzyme, ptyalin, until after they have teeth! This enzyme is absent from their saliva until then. Starches should not be fed to babies and to do so before they are biologically ready for them is to seriously impair and injure their health! Without the enzyme ptyalin starches cannot be digested! In a baby's stomach starches become sour, that is, they ferment, form vinegars and alcohols. Starches become the soil for bacterial decomposition in baby's stomach rather than food it can utilize. The forcing of foods into a baby which is (sic) physiologically unsuited to it begins a life of dietetic depravity and perversion, a life of disease, physical debility and suffering. Babies wisely spit out foods not suited to them. They balk, refuse to eat and then spit out unsuitable foods. Babies aren't contrary-they're guided by body intelligence born of instinct and body chemistry. Only under great protest will babies finally ingest the bestial "foods" prescribed for them and which are literally forced into them. It is no wonder that babies cry, are cantankerous, have stomach pains, indigestion, colic, vomiting, fevers, colds, foul stools, etc. Their loving mothers are forcing upon them a diet regimen prescribed by an almost universally ignorant medical profession! Ill health is visited upon babies by those who seek, above all things, health for babies! Is it any wonder that, wrongly fed and wrongly guided that 58.6% of our children cannot pass a minimum physical fitness test? That cancer is the number one killer of our children? (Emphasis added). That obesity is so common among children as to cause no alarm? That the average child has such bad teeth it is criminal? Mothers who love their children can find no better way to care for their children than hygienic care. The Society (American Natural Hygiene Society, PO Box 30630, Tampa, FL 33630) publishes an excellent book by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, THE HYGIENIC CARE OF CHILDREN, which should be MUST READING for all mothers and mothers-to-be. [Program for Dynamic Health, pp. 83-84]

Anderson: And, what of adults?

T. C. Fry: The average American poisons himself from 20 to 40 times a day with recreational drugs like tobacco, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, cooked foods, fried foods, condiments and a whole host of materials unfit for human consumption. Only good air, pure water and raw foods of our biological adaptation should ever enter our bodies. Everything else is pathogenic. [The Great AIDS Hoax, p. 213]

Anderson: To my knowledge, this is the first time, perhaps since William Shakespeare, that an 'interview' has taken place between a deceased person (yourself) and a 'still disillusioned' person (this writer). What would you say is most significant about this 'interview?' Or, what would you say is the single most important message that can come out of this 'conversation' between the living and the dead?

T. C. Fry: We have a propensity for believing what the establishment wants us to believe, and they trade liberally upon the cultivated myth of contagion. This makes more customers for their drug/medical/hospital trades. If you live healthfully, you never suffer disease! Hygienic children never suffer "the usual childhood diseases." Diseases must be caused and only unhealthful practices cause them. [The Great AIDS Hoax, p. 104]

Anderson: Since the larger part of our 'interview' took place in Nigeria, West Africa, what have you to say about early attempts to link AIDS to the African continent?

T. C. Fry: The most "AIDS virus-infected" people in the world haven't one case of AIDS (1988-89)! Dr. Duesberg further points out that, in Africa where populations range from 20% to 60% body positive for the so-called AIDS virus, not one case of AIDS has ever occurred. So what is the big AIDS hysteria about? Why is the establishment so intent on promoting it? [Hoax, p. 60]

Anderson: That should have been my question! Is it only about money, really?

T. C. Fry: The AIDS promotion, like the swine flu farce and other CDC-orchestrated medical swindles, is one more rip-off called a boondoggle in the case of the CDC and a profit producer for pharmaceutical/research/medical interests. In 1987 the federal and state governments spent in excess of one billion dollars on AIDS. In 1988 the projected costs will exceed $10 billion! That is what the AIDS panic is all about-a drive to stampede the American people into the medical-hospital- pharmaceutical corral for big bucks. That is what it's all about, not about saving people from diseases renamed and promoted under the fearsome banner AIDS. [Hoax, pp. 60-61]

Anderson: Does the medical establishment, which is controlled by the pharmaceutical/chemical cartel, use ethnicity and "any means necessary" to regularly prescribe drugs for humans and animals, knowing drugs are all toxic, because if they don't prescribe drugs and follow other establishment dictates they will not be permitted "to practice medicine" and receive its 'abundant rewards?'

T. C. Fry: Medical practitioners are held in awe and deeply respected, Therefore their pronouncements, as might be expected, Are regarded as if divinely perfected. Upon their authority there is erected A belief that disease floats about until a victim is selected, To be wretchedly and grievously affected. Called contagion, the belief holds that we are infected, By malevolent microbes that invade us quite unsuspected, To wreak destruction upon us unless we are by vaccines protected. Hence we hie to the medic we've elected, To inoculate us with vaccine from a needle injected, That we might henceforth by evil microbes be neglected. Though of voodooistic origin contagion has been medically resurrected, To ensnare a populace that invariably becomes dejected, Because cures through medicine are never effected. Until the sublime truth that similar organisms from nature defected, Suffer similarly when life's laws are in like manner disrespected, Disease will remain as long as bad life habits are uncorrected. [The Great AIDS Hoax, p. 105]

Anderson: Wow! What a poem! …My first wife died of cancer, over four years after 'they' gave her a 'death sentence.' She spoke to you by telephone and you warned her chemotherapy and/or radiation would likely bring on her earlier death. As it turned out, you died before she did-and you were not even sick! In 'retrospect,' what might you say to my late wife, Agnes, and to others who suffer the devastating trauma of a "cancer diagnosis?"

T. C. Fry: There are three areas in which we significantly short change ourselves: (1) Most of us fail to eat properly. We violate our physiological mandate or our biological adaptations with almost everything we eat. (2) Most of us fail to get enough vigorous activity to insure fitness. (3) Most of us fail to obtain enough sleep. To say that most of us eat atrociously is to put it mildly. To put into ourselves all kinds of "junk" and expect to be healthfully nourished is tantamount to putting kerosene, vinegar or water into our auto fuel tanks and expect to get the high level of performance obtained from the best grades of gasoline. More than anything else, the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our eating styles! [Helping Hand: A Guide to Healthy Living, 1990, p.3]

Anderson: Are you telling people they should trust a 'dead man's views' over our best trained, well-respected, highly paid medical professionals?

T. C. Fry: Why should you ever see a physician? They're called for only in case of serious accidents. Even so, their procedures are often harmful, even fatal. Drugging is a danger whether you're in sickness or health. [HH, p.120, #83]

Anderson: I fancy myself a Fruitarian; and, I feel in 'absolute' control of my health. But, I have been told, by other Natural Hygienists, that there could be dire consequences to maintaining a diet of mostly fruits. What do you say?

T. C. Fry: You're absolutely correct in eating fruits and their juices, in daily exercise, and presumably, getting adequate sleep, sunshine, fresh air and other of life's essentials. Rest, like diet, is an essential of life. When partaking of food, it is wise to be in a well-rested condition so that your body can better devote itself to the appropriation and digestion of food. A warm, loving, considerate, cheerful and happy mental disposition is a primary essential to best well being. General health, which includes fitness, predisposes to these positive qualities. In pursuing fitness and health goals, a convinced and committed mind must precede the undertaking and prevail until ultimate death. [HH: A Guide to Healthy Living, pp. 120-122]

Anderson: What of migraine headaches, are they related to eating styles or diet?

T. C. Fry: Yes. Many migraine sufferers get their headaches due to food intolerance. Specifically thramines and other chemicals, which are found in chocolate, coffee, potatoes, peppers, egg plant and paprika. Headaches result from a highly toxic bloodstream. [HH: A Guide to Healthy Living, p. 102]

Anderson: Where can the public look-what can they read for themselves-to challenge or confirm your rather firm and narrow views?

T. C. Fry: Don't believe anything! Proceed only on verifiable facts. For instance, it stands to reason that a biologically correct diet is what you'd relish if returned to pristine nature from whence we came. Your senses direct you to the correct foods just as it does (sic) other animals. The truth is rather self-evident if we take natural perspectives rather than those of commercialized society. [Helping Hand, pp. 119-120 #82]

Anderson: A lot of people know that Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, co-authors of the all-time best seller, Fit for Life, learned from you, and publicly acknowledged you as their teacher, their mentor, and as their most respected friend. Is there a 'common theme' with other writers, thinkers, speakers, researchers, and scientists as well?

T. C. Fry: Knowledge is the greatest need of our benighted and purblind world. Knowledge of how to live; knowledge of the nature and purpose of disease; knowledge of the evils and futility of treatment; knowledge of the truth about life. This is the need of the whole world today. "My children are killed for lack of knowledge," says the god of the Hebrew scriptures. Millions die yearly because they lack true conceptions of life, of health, of disease, of cure. More people are killed every year by the causes of and the treatments for "disease" than by any other causes, only because their ignorance leads them to ignore causes and to rely upon "cures." [PDH, 114]

Anderson: Can you be more specific?

T. C. Fry: Education must supplant treatment; faith in the processes and forces of life must take the place of faith in "cures"; confidence in the normal things of life must displace confidence in abnormal things; trust in the laws of life must crowd out trust in vicarious atonements. Only thus can the ages-long frenzied search for "cures" be ended. Only thus can the terrible waste of time, money, energy and mental effort in the search for "cures" cease and all this time, money, energy and effort be re-directed into profitable channels. The frenzied search for "cures" must cease. Mankind must learn that the so-called disease, which they seek to cure, is, itself, the process of cure. All efforts to cure the cure are vicious and destructive. Unfortunately, the "healing" professions and the public still have the troglodyte's conception of disease. They still conceive of it as an attack upon the body by outside and unseen forces. The truth reaches them slowly. [Program for Dynamic Health, pp. 114-115]

Anderson: You lauded Prof. Peter Duesberg for his concurring views that "HIV does not and, indeed, cannot cause" so-called AIDS because "'HIV' appeared in only half of the full blown cases of AIDS." Yet, you express some disappointment in Professor Duesberg's quoting of "Koch's postulates." Would you care to elaborate, please?

T. C. Fry: Dr. Duesberg is perhaps one of the foremost cancer and viral researchers in this country. His findings irrevocably say that the retrovirus called HIV not only does not cause AIDS but also cannot cause AIDS. As an adjunct to his presentation, he printed Koch's postulates as altered by some unthinking medical mind (underscore added). Koch's postulates say: To establish a microorganism as a cause of disease: 1. It must be found in all cases of the disease. 2. It must be isolated from the host and grown in a pure culture. 3. It must reproduce the original disease when introduced into an unaffected organism, and… 4. It must be found present in the experimental host so infected. In short, the presence of the causative agency must always occasion the disease. When I learned the postulates, the word susceptible was not in them. The medical system has interpolated this word into Koch's postulates as quoted by Dr. Duesberg. When anyone quotes the postulates with the word susceptible in them, they are not quoting Koch and, the use of the word susceptible destroys the proposition anyway! The word susceptible was obviously interpolated to explain away the fact that experimental hosts rarely, in fact, almost never, come down with the disease the blamed agency was said to cause. The swabbing of noses with the nasal excrement of cold sufferers did not cause colds in the 1965 National Institute of Health cold experiments in Bethesda, Maryland. [Hoax, pp. 80-81]

Anderson: What, exactly, is your point?

T. C. Fry: A cause, of course, is always a cause! If a blamed causative agency does not cause the disease it is supposed to cause when reintroduced into anyone, then it is not a cause. The word susceptible means that the criterion which establishes susceptibility is the cause of the disease and not the microorganism or the agency blamed! That is just as clear and self-evident as the postulates themselves. The interpolation destroys the axioms. I am surprised that someone of Dr. Duesberg's giant mental stature could overlook this. [Hoax, p. 81]

Anderson: Dr. Fry, just what is disease? Is it anything more than dis-ease in the body politic?

T. C. Fry: If you live healthfully, you will appreciate only good health, for microbes will be symbiotic completely. The 'bad" bacteria and fungi are with us all the time, but in such a small number in those who live healthfully that, due to lack of nutriment, they do not generate significant amounts of poisons. Putrefactive bacteria are almost totally absent in the raw foodist living off our biologically correct diet of fruits with some vegetables, nuts and seeds. [Hoax, p. 75]

Anderson: What 'causes' disease, whether real or imagined?

T. C. Fry: As causes of disease, neither bacteria nor fungi are basic to the process. Neither are so-called viruses. Even physicians unwittingly admit this. Diseases are body initiated and conducted for the purpose of extraordinary detoxification and functional restoration. When regular channels of elimination cannot cope with the task of keeping the body clean, then a crisis called sickness is initiated to achieve cleansing and repair. Physicians will tell you that bacteria, fungi and viruses are the causes of disease-in those who are susceptible! That copout tells you that these agencies do not cause disease but those factors which dispose us to susceptibility do. Which is to say they do not cause disease at all. For what are called pathogenic bacteria, fungi and virii are always with us! If they caused disease, we would never be free of it. [Hoax, pp. 75-76]

Anderson: My new wife, Margie, is a Ph.D. in nursing, an R.N. and former Dean of Nursing at a famous American university in the South. She has joined forces with the Organic Wellness Crusade ( organization-to help spread 'the truth' to the world about "becoming sick, getting well." What advice would you give us, or what critical guidance would you suggest as the fundamental principle around which our efforts should focus?

T. C. Fry: The whole concept of medicine is downright myth. First, all detoxification and repair are inherently biological processes. Nothing other than the organism has the intelligence, power and resources to heal. Hence, there can be no such thing as medicine. This means no drug can or will help your ailment. Drugs can only do specific harm, never good. Keep this obvious truth in mind: you cannot be poisoned into health with drugs euphemistically called medicines. [HH, p. 112, #58]

Anderson: How does Natural Hygiene relate to allopathic medicine?

T. C. Fry: NATURAL HYGIENE is a way of life and has nothing in common with the so-called healing arts. Natural Hygiene holds that the organism is self-sufficient if supplied with its requirements, that is, fresh air, pure water, sunshine, exercise, wholesome foods, rest, sleep, security of life and its means, etc. Natural Hygiene rejects all drugs, medications and treatments, holding that they interfere with vital processes and are most often downright injurious. Natural Hygiene recognizes the plainly obvious in asserting that only the living organism can heal itself if injured or diseased. [Program for Dynamic Health, copyright page, 1974]

Anderson: Forgive me if I seem to keep coming back to the same theme, but please bear with me. People in Africa and in other places, like The Bronx (NY), Dade County (FL), Appalachia (TN), Russia (EE) and many other places face daily starvation, homelessness, political neglect, religious abandonment, and public numbness. Why should these people even care about whether AIDS is a 'big lie' or not, or whether 'cancer' can be corrected by dietary modifications and body detoxification? Or, why should hungry, deceived, or disillusioned people care about any of this wellness stuff?

T. C. Fry: The primary reason that our statistics show greater longevity is because infant survival rates are now so high. A hundred years ago an infant was lucky to survive the birth and first year. However, those reaching one year of age were just as likely to reach 80 years of age as today. Today's infants, though worse fed than a century ago, are not subjected to the filth, deadly drugs, and unhealthful practices of a century ago. Despite establishment efforts to confuse, obfuscate and hamstring health seekers, a greater percentage are consciously embracing better practices than ever before in history. Today our enlightened people are eating more fruits and vegetables and less of harmful foods than ever before. [HH, p.110, #56]

Anderson: You seem to be suggesting Natural Hygiene-implementing wholistic lifestyles-is having a significant impact on a segment of the population. Am I correct?

T. C. Fry: This is not to praise a sizable segment of our society that is eating worse than ever before. People are growing larger than ever before for the same reason our chickens; cattle and hogs are growing larger. Just as chickens, hogs and cattle are routinely fed hormones, antibiotics and other drugs that distress the organism, thus causing premature development, excess fat and giantism, so too do humans who are subjected to these or similar substances respond by unwholesome gigantism, premature development of sexual faculties and abnormal weight. [Helping Hand, p. 111]

Anderson: Is good health, or healing, only for the rich, the 'educated,' the housed, the controlling segments of societies?

T. C. Fry: Healing-restoration of health, wholeness, integrity-is a normal, a physiological or biological process. It results from the orderly operations of the ordinary and regular forces and processes of life, working with agents and substances that bear a normal relation to the living organism. Success of the body's efforts at self-healing depends absolutely upon removal of the cause of its ills. This is to say, the body cures itself when cause is removed. There is no cure outside of correction of cause. [PDH, p. 115]

Anderson: Then, how can ordinary citizens-of whatever country, state, county, city, neighborhood, or village-take charge of their own well-being?

T. C. Fry: The purpose of this volume is to awaken you to some easy-to-apply methods that will yield you sufficient rewards to spur you further along the course of learning our bodies' and minds' requirements. That this is easy is evident: Animals in nature without any special learning whatsoever instinctively observe their biological adaptations. In your case as, indeed with most others, the need is for deprogramming yourself of habits that sabotage your well being, and learning to do what you should have been doing all along. Because it is such an easy and such a key change to make, this volume emphasizes food-combining principles. Harmonious digestion decrees that we so combine our foods that they are compatible in digestive chemistry. Failure to do this has built a billion-dollar antacid industry and made Tagament one of the best-selling drugs. It has been said that about 50% of the meals partaken in this country beget indigestion. [HH, p. 2]

Anderson: But, how will people in various countries know what to do, or what to eat?

T. C. Fry: The question implies some assumptions that are not necessarily so. China, with the world's greatest population, is actually well fed on fruits, vegetables, tubers, grains, and roots with very little fish and meat in the diet. And they are decreasing their population. Vegetarian populations are less warlike regardless of crowding, though the pressures of over-population have been attributed as a cause of war. Long life does not lead to overcrowding. There are several countries in the world where the populace is appreciating greater longevity, yet has zero population growth. Vegetarian populations are less, not more, disposed to wars. [HH, p.118, #77]

Anderson: Most people in the world have been taught they cannot live, healthfully, without animal protein in their diets. What do you say to them?

T. C. Fry: Fish and meats, with their heavy complement of fats and proteins, are difficult to handle. This is why Eskimos usually die at age 40 to 50 years. Their kidneys and other organs just give out trying to cope. Fish and meat are not essential items of diet anywhere in the world. [HH, p.118, #76]

Anderson: All my life I have lived, thought, and acted and believed as an 'optimist.' Now, after your untimely death, I am a bit cynical as I attempt to complete this volume we started out to write together (me, with your assistance and involvement). Is there any hope in continuing a crusade to help people see the simple but 'absolute connection' between their lifestyle behaviors and their lifestyle 'diseases?'

T. C. Fry: As you are undoubtedly aware many people are stubborn and cling to their erroneous concepts, their bad habits and injurious practices in the face of all reason. Some even hold tenaciously to killing habits with the knowledge they are doing so! Life is not precious to them. This attitude alone is life defeating. This speaks not to spineless creatures so much as it speaks of a sick society, of humans in the aggregate who are so perverted, so depraved and so degenerated that there is seemingly, no hope for them. Yet I am not convinced the case for America is hopeless. It is better to try in vain than not to try at all. I am persuaded that the majority of Americans would wholeheartedly embrace the valid health practices of NATURAL HYGIENE if they could be induced TO THINK, ever so little, FOR THEMSELVES! I feel that, if they could see the problem, THE TRUE STATE OF THINGS, and the simple solutions, they would awake from their lethargy and adopt the proper courses in life. [Program for Dynamic Health, pp. 16-17]

Anderson: Dr. Fry, the task is a momentous one…to say the least! It drains every personal resource, and frankly, I sometimes ask myself, 'What's the use?'

T. C. Fry: The problem is a gigantic one! I know that YOU will do what you can to help when you realize its seriousness. Every conscientious individual who sees the grievous wrongs in America is bound to devote some of his energies and resources to helping correct them. Americans must be made aware that ignorance in itself is not their obstacle but that they know so much-so much that is not true! [Program for Dynamic Health, p.17]

Anderson: Let me ask you more directly: Why should anyone choose (a) discontinuing 'causative pleasures,' (b) detoxification, (c) therapeutic fasting, (d) rest; and, (e) 'attempting to' not poison themselves (with medications) into health, rather than just continuing to believe medical dogma that says: (1) innocent people become sick; (2) research, tests and drugging can cure dis-ease; (3) the masses are endangered because of the 'contagious nature of infectious diseases;' and (4) that surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, medications, and combinations of these are the treatments of choice for both non-degenerative and for degenerative disease conditions in 'developed societies?'

T. C. Fry: Good Health in America is a downright myth! Contrary to what the medical profession, the press, radio and TV, in fact, our commercial masters would have us believe, (in 1974) health in America is in a woeful state. We realized less than half our true potential, and much of our shortened lives is plagued with life sapping economic insecurity, chronic disease, tormenting hopes and general suffering. Lest you underestimate the gravity of the problem or the extent of suffering and ruinous practices in America consider these unpleasant facts:

  1. The U.S. Public Health Service recognizes a mere 3,000,000 of our over 210,000,000 population as being healthy! This is about 1.5%!
  2. 54% of all Americans die of heart disease! Over 50 million Americans suffer from severe heart disease. Autopsies of our most fit young men who died on the Korean battlefields showed that 77% of them already had heart disease! Biologists state that a healthy heart should serve the human organism for at least 300 years!
  3. About one billion visits are made to physicians annually in the U.S.A.!
  4. About 4,500,000 people each year are poisoned so seriously by their physicians as to require hospitalization! Tens of thousands die! The so-called side effects or adverse reactions of drugs is perfumed language for POISON EFFECTS! All drugs or "medicines" are inherently poisonous!
  5. The U.S. ranks 89th among nations in death rate!
  6. One out of every four Americans will have cancer! Cancer is the number one cause of death of our children! WHY? There are some countries where almost no cancer exists.
  7. Arthritis and rheumatic complaints will affect 77% of our adult population!
  8. About 40,000,000 Americans suffer allergies!
  9. 60% of the population suffer defective vision!
  10. Over 79,000,000 Americans are obese, far more than half of Americans are over-weight, yet nearly all Americans are malnourished in one way or another
  11. 103,000,000 Americans (49%) suffer from AT LEAST ONE chronic disease or disability!
  12. Over 30,000,000 Americans will spend sometime in a hospital each year!
  13. 50% of Americans suffer from digestive disorders.
  14. An estimated 25,000,000 Americans suffer from high blood pressure.
  15. Over 7,000,000 children are mentally retarded, disturbed or otherwise seriously handicapped.
  16. 98.5% of our population have bad teeth! 31,000,000 have no teeth of their own! Fillings, dental cavities, decayed and deformed teeth are so prevalent that they are considered normal! The average American child has six cavities by school age! Good teeth have the possibility to serve the human organism for several centuries with breakdown!
  17. Over 20,000,000 Americans suffer from mental illness!
  18. Life expectancy of a one-year-old is no more today than it was in 1900. Life expectancy is actually decreasing in the U.S.A.! Scientific studies indicate that a one-year-old can expect to live no longer than our ancestors did 10,000 years ago!
  19. 58.6% of America's children cannot pass a physical fitness test!
  20. Over 50,000,000 aspirins are taken daily in the U.S.A. This amounts to about 20,000,000 pounds of aspirin yearly! What a king-sized headache America suffers!
  21. Nearly all Americans (almost 100%) suffer from digestive leukocytosis and a pathologically high heartbeat. These conditions are largely the results of a pathogenic diet, drug habits and lack of healthful practices.
  22. Over 200,000,000 Americans are hooked on one or more drug habits! (Emphasis this writer's). The drugs of most frequent use are caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, salt, aspirin, theine, theobromine and vinegar.
  23. Nearly 100% of American women suffer debilitating leukorrhea and its consequent monthly hemorrhaging. Unfortunately this disease is regarded as normal in women of childbearing age.
  24. Over 3,000,000,000 (that's three billion) sleeping pills are consumed annually. An estimated 13,000,000,000 barbiturate and amphetamine pills are ingested annually! Tranquilizers are a way of life!
  25. Nearly 20,000,000 Americans submit to the surgeon's knife each year!
  26. Murders, suicides, juvenile delinquency, narcotic addiction and other forms of crime are rife and increasing! A sick people make a sick nation. [PDH, pp. 17-21]

Anderson: In all fairness, Dr. Fry, your statistics go back to 1974! What is the 1999 picture like?


T. C. Fry: I could give you a seemingly endless resume of such statistics but why go on? The National Center for Health Statistics of the U.S. Public Health Service publishes volumes that reflect the widespread pathology of Americans. Tell me, does this describe a healthy or a happy nation? I hope that you're convinced that good health in America is a myth, that matters are in a terrible state and that something constructive MUST BE DONE! [Program for Dynamic Health, p. 21]

Anderson: Dr. Fry, my most respected and beloved mentor, your love and concern for others continue to show, even from your 'final resting place.' I thank you, on behalf of all of us. As this 'interview' draws to a close between you, who died on September 6, 1996, and me, who struggles still toward the next Millennium, may I ask you for any final thoughts?

T. C. Fry: …So ominous are the problems that beset America that I ask you to adopt a sane program of health practices as advocated herein. It is with a deep sense of purpose and commitment that I urge you to do what you can to help the Society (American Natural Hygiene Society) spread and perpetuate its program for bringing good health to America! There is much you can do, as you'll learn. [PDH, p. 21]

Anderson: As humankind approaches the year 2000, what wellness orientation would best serve this and future generations?

T. C. Fry: The medical system is an outright failure! For some 2,500 years it has been trying to give man dispensation for his health transgressions without success. It has been trying to salvage him from disease through medication (drugs) while man continued to indulge the injurious practices that resulted in disease. Today there is a veritable army of medical practitioners and a far larger corps of support personnel. They have an arsenal of drugs, potions, pills, medicines, vaccines, serums, antibiotics and "miracle" treatments. They constantly seek new and "better" remedies, for, in all this time, they have not succeeded in vanquishing A SINGLE DISEASE, though they take credit for conquering many! Despite all the "miracle" drugs and "scientific" discoveries, they are faced with a growing army of the diseased. Hospitals are built in ever increasing proliferation. Physicians are being trained by the thousands. Nursing candidates are being assured of employment even before their training begins. ARE WE DESTINED TO BECOME A NATION OF SICK PEOPLE? Why does the multitude of the suffering continue to grow? Why do their illnesses become ever more complicated? Why are such disabling diseases as cancer and arthritis on the upsurge? Why do more and more of our people die of cancer and heart disease? IS THE DETERIORATING HEALTH OF AMERICA A TESTIMONIAL TO THE VALIDITY OR TO THE INVALIDITY OF THE MEDICAL SYSTEM? Will you think about that for a moment?

Anderson: I have thought about that question, Dr. Fry; and I tend to agree with you. But, what can challenge our 'great minds,' especially celebrities, powerful people, great minds, devout religious people, and families who feel victimized, especially when they hold charity events, walk-a-thorns, and even bake sales, believing they are helping by raising funds for research, research to find a cure? [PDH, pp. 22-23]

T. C. Fry: For 2,500 years the highest powers of the human mind have been devoted to the invention or discovery of cures for the diseases of man. Many of the brightest minds have engaged in this search. Untold mountains of wealth have been poured into the effort to find cures. For the past fifty years, "scientists" have devoted so much time, energy, talent and technical knowledge to this search that it makes all preceding efforts in this direction pale into insignificance. The whole field of nature has been ransacked to discover antidotes for the many diseases with which man suffers. The chemist has analyzed every substance of nature, both organic and inorganic. He has created combinations as varied and numberless as the leaves of the forest. Not a mineral or a vegetable poison, however virulent, has escaped being tried or added to the truly frightful load of medicines to be used to cure man's diseases. The poisons of insects, of spiders, of snakes, as well as the excretions and pusses of animals have been added to the materia medica. Can any sane person believe these are the elements of health?

In the hope of discovering some panacea or some specific for the ills of man, ambitious men have added thousands of drugs, or poisons, to the armamentarium of physicians. Fortunes of tremendous magnitude have been acquired by the compounders of elixirs and cordials. Specifics galore have been announced with much hullabaloo. They have been tried and then gone their way-to give rise to new drugs. The results of all this searching and experimenting have not been fruitful. The search is now more feverish than ever! Ever greater expenditures are made. Yet diseases have increased; their malignancy and fatality have become more fearful. Chronic diseases, in particular, have enormously increased in modern times. [PDH, pp. 23-24]

Anderson: What you say is more disturbing than it is enlightening. This kind of information forces people to consider whether they have been lied to all their lives. How can people reconcile this dilemma? What practical data are available?

T. C. Fry: There are in this country more than 360,000 physicians (in 1974!); there are thousands upon thousands of hospitals, clinics, sanitoria; there are many giant chemical industries turning out drugs and vaccines; there are thousands of wholesale and retail drug companies, employing an army of pharmacists; there is a great army of nurses, technicians and others who depend on the drug trade for their livelihood. In addition to all these, there are the manufacturers of bottles, pillboxes, cartons and plastics, and there are the newspapers, magazines, radio and television that derive millions out of advertising these pernicious products. The drug industry, directly and indirectly, accounts for incomes and profits that run into many billions of dollars a year in this country alone. Yet, we are poverty stricken when it comes to good health! [PDH, pp. 24-25]

Anderson: Given these heavy, burdensome statistics, what hope can you offer society?

T. C. Fry: Pitted against the bleak picture of disease that afflicts humanity is the greatest health discovery of all time--NATURAL HYGIENE-a way of living based on natural principles that enables human beings to remain in good health throughout life, and to return to good health in all remediable cases, if they are ailing. The great, simple and most sublime truth which NATURAL HYGIENE reveals is that, incorporated in every living organism itself is a great vital regenerative capacity as part and parcel of its very life, identical with, and inseparable from, its very existence, by which and through which the organism developed. This vital power of the organism will, if not interfered with, always tend to keep the body in high functioning order-dynamic health! If an organism is diseased it will, permitted the opportunity, eliminate body wastes and accumulated morbid matters, repair and knit injuries, remove infirmities and heal its impairments. [PDH, pp. 24-25]

Anderson: There are great minds out there-women and men-who do not agree with your assessment of Natural Hygiene, nor with the attributes you attribute to it, as far as human health and wellbeing are concerned. Are these people to be dismissed?

T. C. Fry: The foes of NATURAL HYGIENE (usually those who have a vested interest in disease!) have been unable to demolish a single one of its basic principles or to discredit a single one of its essential practices, but, on the contrary, have strengthened it by all their genuine discoveries! Every advance of knowledge in biology and physiology has served to prove and confirm the scientific soundness of NATURAL HYGIENE and to remove the props from under the ancient practices of the medicine men. [PDH, p. 25]

Anderson: If you had to peer into the future, what would you say would be the ultimate outcome in this 'battle to understand both the disease process and human wellbeing?'

T. C. Fry: Considering the vast importance of this body of truths and practices known as NATURAL HYGIENE and its role in both restoring and preserving health it would seem that it would be more widely appreciated and cultivated. It is to this task that the Society (American Natural Hygiene Society) applies itself and for which it asks your aid. The facts of NATURAL HYGIENE are so incontrovertible, however, that eventually the most incredulous will be compelled to accept them. The strongest prejudice must ultimately give way before the crushing reality of HYGIENIC truth. [Program for Dynamic Health, p. 26]

Anderson: Is the essential teaching the same, or is there something new or different from 1970 when you first embraced a Natural Hygiene lifestyle?

T. C. Fry: NATURAL HYGIENE teaches that all disease stems from NERVOUS EXHAUSTION, that is, the exhaustion of nerve energy or vital force. When the body's fund of nerve energy is overdrawn or under supplied the body can no longer properly conduct vital functions efficiently or effectively. When functional power is lowered the body's ability to eliminate metabolic wastes and unwelcome extraneous materials is hampered or, to illustrate graphically, we might say these morbid matters become dammed up in the system. The body is no longer equal to the task of expulsion of normal or abnormal wastes. When unwelcome substances remain in the body the integrity of the body economy is threatened. The toxic load of unexpelled morbid wastes causes the body to resort to an emergency crisis to rid itself of a condition called toxemia or, very simply, toxic overload. [PDH, pp. 30-31]

Anderson: Sounds like you are, again, describing 'the disease process!' If that is your intention, please-by all means-continue!

T. C. Fry: The emergency crisis to preserve bodily integrity through extraordinary cleansing efforts is exhibited as symptoms known as sickness, disease, illness, ailment, affliction or malady. In this abnormal state the small fund or remaining nerve energy is mustered to the task of body purification. Normal and emergency outlets for elimination of toxic matter are utilized. The form these crises of elimination take is labeled by their location and characteristics (Emphasis this writer's). Their characteristics or symptoms are called variously colds, fevers, inflammations, catarrhs or a long list of maladies ad nauseam-some 20,000 names of maladies have been catalogued. To hygienists all these crises, regardless of symptoms and characteristics, excepting those involving organic degeneration, are pure and simple, toxemia. The body is loaded with more poisonous matters than it can tolerate in its current state of vitality. When the body has completed the task of purification; when the body has purged itself of its toxic overload; when the accumulation of noxious matters have been have (sic) been reduced to a level commensurate with functioning in the current state of vitality, the subject is said to be healed or is well again. [PDH, pp. 31-32]

Anderson: How do Hygienic Practitioners fit in with this scheme?

T. C. Fry: Hygienists have formulated a system of health recognizing man's complete dependence upon nature and, therefore, the role of natural means in keeping us in a state of health and its agency in speedily restoring health if it is lost through our failure to live properly. We can aid nature best in restoring health, in the event of its loss, by regeneration of our fund of nerve energy. This is best accomplished by not expending the small fund of nerve energy that remains but, instead, undertaking a physiological rest, A COMPLETE REST! This is known as a fast. A fast is the complete abstinence from all food except the only three inorganic nutrients man is capable of utilizing, this is, pure water, fresh air and sunshine. NATURAL HYGIENE implores us to heed our natural requirements for well being and to indulge them prudently and wisely. This constitutes the science of correct living. [Program for Dynamic Health, pp. 30-32]

Anderson: Thank you, T. C., for all your guidance and inspiration; thank you for your boundless research; thank you for 'swimming upstream' against Establishment propagandizing, that many of us might have the opportunity to learn what is true. On to a matter I consider personally important: When I first learned of your death from a friend who had seen it flashed over the Internet, I immediately thought, "Foul play!" Tell us, now, did your death result from 'accidental' or from orchestrated causes?

T. C. Fry: Did you know that you and the rest of your fellow citizens are victims of an ongoing fraudulent scheme on a scale so massive that it makes miniscule the collective criminal scene that we are aware of? …In a nutshell, we are callously and mercilessly exploited and physically despoiled by a system that involves our subjection to and manipulation by the communications media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.), the medical system, the banking system, the nation's production and distribution system and, ultimately, the master control system in this country, the Federal Reserve System, which is privately owned and controlled by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Kuhns, Loebs, Lehmans and a few other consorts. This article restricts itself to one facet of this cruel, dehumanizing and murderous fraud. It concerns a "myth" that was devised as a tool to keep us effectively servile and exploited. Because this "myth" really was deliberately devised to ensnare us, it is more properly called a hoax. This hoax concerns a fictitious entity called a virus. [Hoax, p. 53]

A virus is an evil spirit! And that is about all that can be said of viruses to anyone who seriously tries to search them out. For what is called a virus is being blamed for more and more of our diseases. Now the move is on to attribute a viral cause to strept throat. [Hoax, p. 51]

Anderson: Dr. Fry, are you suggesting that your 'expose' of the so-called causal 'virus' could give rise to so clandestine a conspiracy as to order your 'neutralization' or murder? I mean what is so revealing about a virus that it threatens the foundation of the hospital and pharmaceutical cartel?

T. C. Fry: A virus is said to be a minute bit of genetic material about a billionth the size of a cell (per Guyton's Textbook of Medical Physiology). A virus is described as a genome surrounded by a capsid (covering) that is usually a double lipid/protein sheath. That seems to describe perfectly the genomes of the body's mitochondria too. A genome (genetic material) is the pattern for directing the activities of a minute form of life known as a mitochondrion. The genome is endowed with the encoding that helps it create energy for itself and the cell, to create proteins of the kinds needed from amino acids, and yet other functions that maintain genetic integrity, like reproduction, for instance. But imagine picking up books on microbiology, biology and virology and learning that virii (plural of virus) have these unlifelike characteristics:

  1. They have no metabolism. They cannot process foods and have no energy formation. They're only a template or a pattern.
  2. They have no faculties for action of any kind, no nervous system, and no sensing or decision-making faculties, much less movement and "invasion."
  3. They cannot replicate themselves, depending wholly upon "obligate reproduction," that is, reproduction by an alien organism, something unheard of in all biology. They are merely inert organic material without any life qualities whatsoever. They are never seen to act, and photographs purporting to show them acting are outright frauds, revealing no action whatsoever from the virus. What is usually shown is an ordinary process of phagocytosis (process of cellular ingestion) which occurs countless trillions of times daily in the body, perhaps more than a quadrillion times! [Hoax, p. 51]

Anderson: I am not sure I am getting your meaning!

T. C. Fry: Have you ever heard of one organism actually reproducing another? Not another organism at that! A genome is not an organism, micro or macro. It is to a mitochondrion what a head is to the human body-a control mechanism. As this is contrary to all that we learn in biological science, it smacks of voodooism! The medical (drug) establishment has taken a bit of mitochondrial debris and imbued it with the qualities of an evil spirit. They badly need a scapegoat for our ills. The success of that ploy is paramount for the merchandising of their drug wares. The fact that acute diseases are body originated and conducted for the limited purposes of cleansing and repairing itself doesn't escape them, but that truth is bad for business. Healthy people are bad for business. And those who alert others to the sham are bad for business. [The Great AIDS Hoax, p. 52]

Anderson: So, that's it: "…Those who alert others to the sham are bad for business" and are, therefore, expendable at the whim of others…?

T. C. Fry: …But I want to assure you of one thing: You don't have to believe this! [Helping Hand: A Guide to Healthy Living, p.2]

Anderson: With that, sir, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I pray that eternal peace and inspiration will be always associated with your name and legacy!

Postscript: This Anderson/Fry Interview was concluded on September 30, 1999 in the village of Igueben, Edo State, Nigeria (West Africa), some thirteen days after it began. The 'method of this interview' involved a student remembering his teacher: his teacher's context and his mentor's occasional inconsistencies; and it involved a re-reading of the teacher's published books, papers, newsletters, and other writings, in addition to reviewing some of Dr. Fry's contributions to other volumes, including this one. No 'hearsay' information was relied upon (from interviews with persons who knew him well). Questions were then posed with response spaces reserved. Appropriate responses were identified and inserted to fit the questions asked. None of T.C. Fry's words, syntax, or statements was altered in any way. To the best of my ability, questions were posed that protected and supported the 'original' contexts from which quoted statements were pulled. If any juxtaposition is uncharacteristic, only this writer is to blame. The motivation for this 'mock interview' was to permit this writer (Dr. Fry's student) to isolate essential, if not critical, viewpoints that epitomize the character and central mission of the man who called himself, simply, "Mr. Fry."

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